Is everything grown on Natures Gram's Farm ?

No. Natures Gram is collective of farmers believing in Sustainable Agriculture. 

Is there a Home Delivery Model ?

Yes. We do home deliver the organic produce. We deliver 6 days a week. Monday is weekly off. The delivery happens all over Mumbai and the produce is delivered between 11 am to 8 pm.

Is there a Minimum Quantity?

Yes. We need minimum Rs. 600 Order value in order to deliver home.

Are there any Delivery Charges ?

Yes. Rs.35 is the fixed delivery charge.

Which areas do we home deliver ?

We deliver in Andheri and Thane as of now.

How many days in a week we deliver ?

We deliver from 7 days a week

How is the Quality Assurance ?

If the consumer is not satisfied with our produce, we have 100% Policy. 

Natures Gram is a platform to provide sustainable ecosystem for the availability of good produce, thereby benefiting everyone.