The story of our watermelons this November

Organic, Organic Watermelons -

The story of our watermelons this November

Mahendra Desale is a farmer from Khandesh
Region. Last year he took a decision to grow
organic and this Nov he will harvesting
organic watermelon. But he is facing a uphill
task of making a sale at fair price.

One of the call came to us. Typically we only
do seasonal fruits, But these days watermelon
is available all year round ... So this year we are
making an exception. Natures Gram has promised
to lift 2 tonnes of Watermelon from him at
double the price he gets in the local market.

but we will be selling it at the same price
(since 5 yrs) @ Rs. 45/kg

So this saturday & sunday invite your friends,
family members to Juhu & Sharan-Hypercity
Farmers Market. Buy & gift watermelons,
turn Nov as the season of watermelons...

lets welcome one more farmer into
the organic world.